50% Discount for My First 10 Customers


Welcome to Cinmu.com! I sell custom illustation as a gift for your family/friends/special one. Personalized gifts is a sweet way to deliver your feeling. Some says a picture worths thousand of words. Make them remember how special they are in your life by giving them a personalized illustration as a gift.

Since I just start this business. I’ll give you 50% discount for my first 10 customers. I’ll create a cute illustration and unlimited revision per order (until you satisfied with it).

Order now! Bring hapiness to somebody else!

Maju gak ya? Be brave little one

be brave little one!

Should you be brave? It feels like the world is monotone and you want to color it with something fun here and there. But it still colorless. So what to do now? You need to move forward. Are you affraid? Be brave little one. You don’t know whether those monster is nice or bad, whether the place behind them is happiness or not. Yet you still want to go, on your path without specific reason. Be brave, be a coward, you’ll feel the same pain anyway.

Aku ga yakin ama diriku sendiri

Semua orang juga merasa seperti itu, entah seberapa besar kadarnya yang dirasakan masing-masing orang. Mungkin kamu perfeksionis atau kamu memandang rendah dirimu sendiri. Tapi kubilang ke kamu kalau kamu itu oke. Kamu bisa. Kamu ga perlu yakin ama dirimu sendiri, yang penting maju aja. Hasilnya biarlah Tuhan yang memutuskan. Kamu cukup melakukan apa yang kamu lakukan agar setidaknya kamu tidak stres dan dapat tidur dengan tenang.

I’m not sure about myself

Nobody is. There is always doubt. Doubt always exist in anything you do. When you do nothing, there is doubt. Should I do something or I should do nothing? When you do something, there is doubt also.Should I do this or should I do anything else or should I do nothing? Because there is always doubt, why not just choose do something? At least you are not curious anymore, and you can sleep in peace.

You are enough. You are good. I believe in you even though you don’t believe in yourself.