Meaningful Gift

Are you planning to give your special someone a very special present? Perhaps in the next few days that person will celebrate his/her birthday? or have a wedding? or perhaps you just randomly want to surprise that person.

“What should I give to that person?” you thought.

“I want to make it special! But if I give a bag, a wallet, jewelries or clothes, what will that person feels? Bored? happy for a while then forget? How if my choice is not that person’s style. Each pershon has their own style. Perhaps that person won’t wear my present because it doesn’t suit his/her style?”

“My gift will makes that person feel their existence is meaningful in my life. It will be very lovely if my present has long term effect as well. That present will help my special one feel good about themselves and remember that he/she is not alone. Wish my prayer also stay in that person life as long as it can be. How to express my love in beautiful way, also budget friendly?”

custom wedding gift
Cartoon Style Illustration

Personalised gift, what is that?

When someone create something beautiful and personal for the one they love, it’s called personalised gift. It wraps your feeling in many colors, thoughful lines and shape. We will transform your feeling into visually eyecatching one-of-a-kind present. This personalized gift is exclusively made for that person. How will you feel if something is created just for you? You’ll feel special, so that your loved one.  That person doesn’t have to feel guilty if he/she doesn’t wear your gift because the style is just off. It won’t become a burden as that person can hang it on a wall as home decor.  Order now!

Exclusift Gift

It is about them. People always like something about them, that’s the reason selfie is popular.  And when you put your wish under the illustration, they will remember how much you love them. When they lost and feel unloved, they will see your gift then remember that they are not alone. That person is not unloved. He/she is important in your life. As a result that reminding will help them feel loved again.

Most of all is your love delivered to that person heart. Your gift is not a thing, it is a feeling.

realistic couple illustration
Realistic Style Illustration
wedding gown illustration
Woman in Wedding Gown Illustration

This is what you’ll receive :

  • A digital illustration of the couple with style as your request (same with photos reference or not)
  • Your quote in the illustration
  • Format file : high resolution (300 dpi) .pdf and .jpg files
  • No printed materials will be delivered. All are digital.
  • I’ll send you (via e-mail/telegram apps) a download link for the illustration.
  • Delivery time 3 days after I receive the order
  • Due to the nature of printable digital products there are no refunds offered on purchases delivered electronically.

We create illustration for :

  • wedding gift
  • birthday gift
  • anniversary gift
  • mother’s day
  • father’s day
  • good-bye gift
  • valentine gift.

See our portfolio below.

personalized illustration
couple illustration
mother and daughter illustration
father and son illustration

My mission is to inspire people to love more. There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”. Love is something magical because when you give you get. Furthermore, I wish in the process of giving the present, you will feel the love also. Probably you will feel it when you think about what to say to that person or choosing what kind of illustration is perfect for he/she. Personalized gift has this much power that many people ignore.

Finally if you ready to love, feel free to contact us. Ask about how you want to custom your gift or else.

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