About Me

Hi, I’m happy you want to know about me. 

You can call me Marcella.  I create Cinmu for the sake of my mental health if you wonder why. Somehow I feel relax and in peace after made some drawings or short stories.  And each time I decide to create some art, my brain telling me that I have done a good job. That’s help me build confident and see myself more positively.

Another reason is there are many stories in my head wish to meet the world. So here they are, you can find them at at this website.  Most of the time I create kids stories with animals as the main character and fantasy world as their home.  From my portofolio page, you can also find ashion illustration, couple drawings and pet images in digital watercolour style.  

As my art help me calm and feel good about myself, I hope my stories can also bring goodness in your life, or at least entertain you a bit. Please enjoy them. Message me if you have any feedback or just want to talk to me.

Contact me for inquiries or collaborations.
E-mail : info@cinmu.com
Instagram : Cinmugram
Facebook : CinmuIllustration
Twitter : Cinmutwit