Bed Time Story Atalea The Mouse

This world is so beautiful.  There are many types of colourful flowers flying around as if they are pretty fairy.   In that world, live a little mouse wearing her favorit outfit, pink dress with lace.  Her name is Atalea.

The cute mouse and her community live happily there. She and her friends have the same goal and dream, to go across the bridge, to another world.  They want to see the colour of another world, its like and darkness. The door to the world always opens in an unpredicted time.

Everyday Atalea waits in front of the golden door, and stay in line with all her friends.  Sometimes they lose their patience and begin to scream, also violently demand the door be opened. Occasionally it was a success.

Nowadays the door opens more frequently than before.  Atalea is jubilant because today, she able to go to another world.  She is the mouse in the picture.


Note : This short writing is part of my 90 days drawing & writing challenge

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