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I Don’t Think Attraction is Random


There are reasons why why you attracted to certain someone? Why I like that person? Why people infatuated with certain others?

Why I like that person?  Those questions pop up in my mind each time I have a crush on someone. Even before I still a little girl, young teenage to be exact. I questioned my own feeling.

The reason I ask this question is to decide what to do with this feeling. What action I should take? Is this person worthy to fight for?

And ’till my last crush, the answer is that person not worthy to fight for because that person didn’t even look at you.  Even starting conversation with that person is difficult.

Why you like that person? Because that person looks like a person out from manga, emotionally unavailable, confuse just like you. So you feel like you’re not alone in this world.

You wonder, if you with that person, perhaps you didn’t have to face your problem alone.  This life probably will be easier to handle.

But since they are unavailable just like you, they couldn’t love you, like you to them.  You unable to love people at this moment.

Let’s cultivate love in your heart first, then you’ll fall for a person who love you back.  A person who ready to love others.

I’m not a person who following my heart blindly, more strategically.  My friend I always told me that I think too much.  And I think I just trying to be careful since I don’t want to hurt others and myself mostly, due to my carelessness.

When I see stories of couples, one of them hurt others and the other let him be since she ‘loves’ him, I think the one getting hurt was really high tolerance for other bad behavior.

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I can’t do such a thing.  I think human shouldn’t accept being treat badly especially from a dear person. No matter what the reason is.

Some people too afraid to be alone, they tolerate being abuse by others, so that the abusers will still accompany them. It’s too painful.

I wish people in that situation start to see that they are valuable person who deserve to be treated kindly with love.  However if we used to look down at ourselves, we will think it’s awkward if others compliment us.  As if their words are lies or they are just being nice.  Human are valuable no matter what they have or don’t have.

If you know how to be kind to yourself, you know how to be kind to others.

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