Beauty on the Side Road – 90 Days Writing and Drawing Challenge Day 30

There are plants on the side road. They consist of grass and shrub. The grass has a yellow-green colour and the shrub has darker green colour. The government plant them to make the road looks a little bit better, not too dull. There is a small river behind the side road and a shuttle bus waiting area not far from it.
Many people wait in the waiting area in the morning, fewer people at midday, not so much in the evening. The street is very busy. There are trucks, minibus, shuttle bus, city car and motorcycles use the road.
The side road plants are something that people ignore most of the time. They sometimes don’t realize that they are there. However, some human recognise them. They are not marvellous or striking or have a beautiful shape and colour like flowers. Nevertheless, for human, even when they not aware of it, the plants’ existence help them feel better, less stress and reduce air pollution when the trees not present.
Just because you are ordinary, it doesn’t mean you have less value. If the everyday plants have worth, you are more.

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