Bet Time Story The Jealous Pao Green Bean

Once upon a time, there lives a talented baker. She is experimenting with steam pao green tea filling.  Nowadays, green tea is super popular among people so she tries to follow the trend.  As predicted the steam pao is sold out every day.  The customers talk about it, post it on social media and the bakery is crowded with buyers.

The Baker is happy with the situation but there is someone, something that is not happy about it.   That thing is the steam pao green bean filling. Steam pao green bean is a traditional recipe.  The steam pao is always popular between customer, in the past and in the present.  However thanks too the popularity of steam pao green tea, people pay less attention to it.  Even the sales increase, since the customer not only buy the green tea flavour but also the green bean, the steam pao is not satisfied.

This time the steam pao doesn’t accept the situation but in the future, it will.  The steam pao green tea filling has a calm and content personality due to it’s main ingredients is green tea.  The steam pao understand and very patient with the green bean attitude.


Note : This short writing is part of my 90 days drawing & writing challenge

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