There is Blood – 90 Days Writing & Drawing Challenge #32

I see glitters on the floor and there was blood too. The blood formed a pattern, like something bleeding was dragged. This room is dark, only the A-shaped fluorescent lights on the walls illuminate this place.

“Do you see blood, friend?” said someone whose voice was very familiar.

“The one in front is not, but this one seems blood indeed. Hmmm.. turn out it’s only dark red paint. This liquid is too thick for blood,” I said.

“Ah, you’re too serious, it’s not fun. You should be surprised or scared or something. I worry about my Halloween party decoration is too ordinary. Even though I hope the otherwise.”

“Take it easy, with lighting like this, people will be surprised,” I replied encouraging my friend again.

“Really? I hope they have fun at my party,” he said with a smile on his face.

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