What is a capsule wardrobe system?

capsule wardrobe system

Consider building your capsule wardrobe system on your dresser? A capsule wardrobe system is a system to choose an everyday outfit that suits your personal style, your body type, and occasion.

Why you need a capsule wardrobe?

If you build a capsule wardrobe system this will help you to think and choose what you need to wear and more space.

Figuring out the matters you need.

How often you get overwhelmed with much stuff on your wardrobe?

This may make you forgot on what matters to you, spend your time to choose and what your goals. By living and dressing less it will help you to remember and reconnect with your goal.

Less fatigue decision.

Decide to find what you wear must leave more energy they better to spend to other effective matter. Instead of trying several clothes in the morning, it is better to curate your wardrobe to a capsule wardrobe system.

There is no more daily wear decision and you can find your favourite style every day.    

It gives you more space and time for your most favourite wardrobe.

How to build a capsule wardrobe

If you’re ready to set your wardrobe into the capsule system, here are steps by step to build a capsule wardrobe system on your home.


Put all your wardrobe clothes, accessories, scarves, shoes, and jewellery on your bed. See all of your content of wardrobe will let you know which one that you want to wear, which one that you want to spend and which one that you will never wear anymore.

For more details on how to see your clothes, to make capsule wardrobe planning easier in the future, please check out a video from Ms Daria Andronescu below.


In this step, move your clothes on the bed into the floor with some sort of these conditions.

Love it.

This category is all things that your most favorite, love it and you always wear it.


This is a category that included all things that you have not used for a while but you are thinking of saving it. These things include clothes that you still love but it needs to repair, such as lose the button.

Seasonal or trends.

There is no reason for hanging your knitwear or knit scarf if you only use it in winter. All things that you unable to wear due to season reason should fall into this category.

Special occasion.

This is the dress that you wear only for special occasions such as formal occasions, weddings, stiletto, fine tops and others that you think you wear for special occasions.


This is everything that you think will not wear anymore but it still has good condition and you can give it to others or donate.


This is everything that has damage, teased and not proper again to wear.


Make a list that filled with items on your category. You can fill the item in each category into 30-37 contents. Starts with the items that you will use for every day, seasonal, and special occasions.

Put all the items back to the closet and keep the remaining. The returned category is the love items, seasonal, and special.

Does it end?

Once you have clear items from your bed, the next thing that you need to do is not give up to the remaining things that you save for maybe or love items. Keep them in a box and then hide for a while.

After 3 months of the dress with less capsule wardrobe system, then you can revisit the items that you keep in the box.

You can use these items for the next plan of the capsule wardrobe next and sign up for the next 3 months capsule wardrobe system project.

What next on capsule wardrobe plan?

When the new season comes, then you need to take a look at recent capsule wardrobe system and then consider these things: what season that will change/ face?

Next, when you answer the question you can sort again with the items that do not match or will not wear in this planned season. Get out the box and add the items to the category you make on the plan.

Make a shopping list on what you need to buy to complement and what you need to repair in your next capsule wardrobe system plan.

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