The Dancing Vegetables – 90 Days Drawing & Writing Challenges – #31

On a remote land, inside a humble house there lived two witches. They have retired and enjoy their lives now. Sometimes they just relax at home or do experiments. They are beautiful sisters with silver hair. The big sister has skin like night and her little sister has it as bright as moonlight.

One day the sisters planted to make an experiment: to create tomatoes that could move. They think if night comes it would be nice if there were vegetables singing for them. So the big sister took tomatoes from the top of the basket, harvested this morning. The younger sister took the eggplant, spinach and cucumber. With a confused face, the older sister looked at her sister who was smiling brightly while aligning all the vegetables on the table. The younger sister’s pretty finger opened an ancient book on the table. Shee recited a mantra, the big sister did too casually because it seemed she have memorized it well.

Colourful light emerged from the air and wrapped all the vegetables. A second later the tomato began opening its eyes followed by the eggplant, the spinach and the cucumber. Legs and hands grow from their bodies. The last thing was that the vegetables smiled broadly.

Happily succeed with the experiments, the sister set a loud song that echoed from a magic music box. Luckily they didn’t have neighbours, if they had, they had already been protested. They started dancing cheerfully. That’s how the magicians created happiness in their daily lives.

If you have magic skills and are able to create something that makes you happy, what will you create? Write your answer in the comment, let your imagination fly. Let’s have fun!

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