I Try Drinking Salt Water Every Day

drinkng salt water illustration

So, I plan to.. umm decide to.. drinking salt water every morning and see what happens.

At first, I want to try water fasting for 5 days but I’m lacking self-control. I find it too difficult. Therefore changing the plan, I decide to drink salt water in the morning instead.

A room-temperature glass of water and 2 teaspoon salt (kitchen salt not Himalayan salt because that is available at this moment in my home) in the morning.

Today is the 1st-day drinking salt water

I will be drinking it at 9.30 AM. Is this morning enough or should I just drink it right after waking up?

I haven’t got breakfast, just drinking normal water before I drink this salt water. My stomach bloat, haven’t visited the bathroom.

No matter how I see it, I find myself so messy.

Last night, to be exact this dawn I listen to video meditation “Journey to Become Your Ideal Self”. This one below. Even though I cannot clearly listen to him speaking but I think this influence me somehow.

Perhaps this is one reason I create a blog post after 2 months writing nothing.

Anyway I have to get back at work.


19 Days After Trying to Drink Salt Water

So I not really drinking water for 19 days straight. Only do it for 7 days because I read that drinking salt water everyday is harmful for your body.

This is a quote from the article I read at Livestrong.

Too much salt in a person’s diet can lead to an increase in blood pressure, a higher incidence of a stroke, bloating, and even kidney disease. An increase in sodium levels causes more frequent urination as the body attempts to get rid of the excess salt consumed. The kidneys, which are responsible for regulating the body’s salt levels, can become damaged by a diet high in sodium.

For some people, drinking sole water may result in an excess amount of salt for the body to excrete, resulting in pressure on the kidneys. This ultimately leads to dehydration, causing an increase in blood pressure as less water can be removed by the kidneys.

So for the sake of my kidneys I just frequently drinking salt water.

Anyways the 1st day after I drink it, I got a stomachache. It feels like my colon was flushed by water. I did feel more energized. The same thing happens after 3rd and 5 days. However, the energetic feeling didn’t stay for long perhaps because of my mood swing. And no dehydration.

By this situation I conclude that drinking water really flush my colon and help me a bit more energetic. Will I do it everyday? No. Perhaps only 2-3 times a week.

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