The Relationship Between Fashion and Personal Identity

People need to express their feeling and identity. One of the ways to express feeling and identity is through the fashion you wear.

Before doing it, let’s learn more about the relationship between fashion and personal identity. Believe it or not, the way you choose your fashion determines personal identity.

Your Appearance Style Show Who You Are

Your appearance style is something that you wear in most of your days. Later, it becomes your identity. Your fashion can show your ethnic, social class, sexual, age, and nationality.

Even, the way you wear something shows your interest such as on aesthetic or politics. For example, it is easy to differentiate whether you are a man or a woman by seeing your appearance style.

Appearance Style is a Self-Expression

The way you wear something is also the way you express yourself. Choosing the best fashion style that represents your identity is an easy way to do.

It seems that you feel happy, confident, and satisfy after wearing it. For many years, self-expression inspires fashion change. It also differentiates between youth and age, masculine and feminine, high and low status, and many more.

The point is that you can show what you want to be by wearing something that represents it. As a result, you are expressing yourself and show it to other people.

Appearance Style Shows Your Social Status

The study of fashion and personal identity has been done for so many years. Let’s say, a research in 1995 conducted by Breward discussed about the way to see someone’s identity through the fashion they wear.

Moreover, Kellner in 1994 also conducted research about fashion that shows a social status in the eighteenth century. It was the time where social status rises significantly, especially on skin color and the bourgeois class.

In the end, fashion development triggers social movement and new fashion style that helps the users to express themselves. For example, there was the molly culture in the eighteenth century, bohemians, dandies, and many more. All of those fashion styles create social status in society.

Appearance Style Helps to Identify Someone

It seems hard to identify a new person but you can do it by seeing what he or she wears. The appearance style is what you can see and mostly, it represents who they are. Even, identify someone through the fashion they wear has been done for centuries.

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By identified the fashion, you can predict their occupation, region, social class, gender, age, and even religion.

A sociologist, Gregory Stone said that appearance style has an important role to identify and differentiate someone to another. One of the great examples is the teenage phenomenon in 1950 and 1960.

At that time, the appearance style was used to determine someone’s age. Moreover, teenagers had the freedom to express their feeling and identity through music, personal preference, and also fashion.

The social movements in late 1960 and early 1970 also explained how fashion or appearance style creates racialism, ethnic, gender, sexual identity, and social status.

Appearance Style Becomes A Movement

The example of this relationship is on the post-industrial to the postmodern era in 1960. At that time, an appearance style used to show something modern. The fashion they wore also show their identity in which they wanted to express their true feelings.

Appearance Style Shows the Fixed Personality and Identity

For centuries, fashion and personal identity have a strong relationship. In this case, fashion can show the fix personality and identity of the users. For example, by wearing something people know where you come from, ethnic, gender, religion, and many more. You can predict it more firmly because it uses in everyday life.

In conclusion, you know that there is a strong relationship between fashion and personal identity. This phenomenon has been done for decades. Even, fashion can lead a specific movement and era. It can be said that fashion has an important role to change someone or to make someone shows his or her true identity and personality.

Fashion helps them to express their feeling and something they want to show to other people. At the same time, people can analyze or identify someone only by seeing what they wear such as gender, age, social status, and many more.

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