6 Influential Fashion Blogger for Brown Girl

Do you know that since the beginning of Instagram and Pinterest era, fashion blogging has become such a competitive  area for bloggers to show off their passion and creativity. They often post content that will inspire many people and encourage them to express themselves.

They post cute outfit, outfit of the day, makeup look, fashion style and many more. For you guys who like to follow fashion blogger brown girl here are some recommendations for you guys. They are an amazingly fashion blogger that will help you find your own style and inspire you to be more confident in your own skin. Therefore, without further a due, here are some incredible fashion blogger brown girl that you need to know: 


She is a fashion blogger brown girl who is from New York City. She is stylish and trendy yet she looks so casual in her white top and pants with solid gold colour and a little bit pattern on it. She wears white heels and her signature black glasses. She Shows off her temporary, elegant, and “less for more” style. She rocks that looks anyway. For you guys who wants to look elegant but still looks casual you could try to copy Nisha’s look. For another fashion and outfit ideas you could follow her Instagram @Nishhha. 

2.Zunera and Serena 

The next influential fashion blogger brown girl that you need to know is Zunera and Serena. They are a mother and daughter fashion blogger. Zunera who is the mom claims that her inspiration is her daughter Serena. Therefore, she decides to ask Serena in joining her to be a fashion blogger. Undoubtedly, these two are one of the most stylish mother and daughter around. For you guys who like to be inspired by these two amazing fashion blogger you guys should check their Instagram @ZuneraSerena

3.Aayushi Bangur Sahu 

This fashion blogger comes from Mumbai India. She is an economic graduate from Mumbai university. She starts her blog since 2010. In her blog she likes to share her experiences about fashion styles, make up, travels, and food. If you want to know more about her you could follow her on Instagram,  Facebook, and her YouTube channel. 

4.Shalini Chopra

The next incredible  fashion blogger brown girl is Shalini Chopra who is based in Bangalore, India. Not only a fashion blogger, she is also a luxury lifestyle blogger. Through her blogger she wants to shoe her subscribers how to be beautiful, stylish, trendy, and how to be comfortable in your skin.

She is reputable fashion blogger. She is ranked  as top Indian fashion blogger in 2014, 2015, and 2016. One of her street style photos have been featured by the New York Times. What an incredible achievement. Therefore, if you guys want to be a reputable fashion blogger like her you should follow her in her Facebook and Instagram.   


Sushmita is fashion blogger who starts her blog as a way to escape from her scary and stressful life as a doctoral student. She has a unique style because she always changing it however she wants. She also set a budget for her style. She has to spend 50$ each month for her style. This more for less kind of style is so suitable for you guys who wants to look stylish but on strict budget. To copy and seek fashion advice from her, you could follow her on Instagram @TheShusindig.

6.Saily Patre 

The last but not least fashion blogger brown girl that could inspire you is Saily Patre. She is the blogger who goes behind the name of The Style Cocktail. Her blog focuses on her fashion style and personal life. For you guys who like chic city girl, bohemian, and urban hipster kind of styles, you guys must follow her. Check her blog and social media to get an idea about how branded and  thrift should be mixed. You guys could follow her in her blog, Facebook and Instagram. 

All in all, there are several inspirational and motivational  fashion blogger brown girl that are so worthy of our follow and recognition. Their fashion style and thought could inspire many to be creative and to be comfortable in our own skin. Therefore, don’t forget to follow them and be inspired ladies! 

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