5 Most Inspirational Green Fashion Bloggers

green fashion blogger

We are all lucky as green fashion bloggers are growing and appearing nowadays. That way it can be considered that more and more people are being aware of their surroundings.

What better is blogs are so popular nowadays that lots of people seek and read the news through it. Awareness spread is thus hoped to increase through these bloggers.

The word ‘green’ itself has always been connected to the environment. However, the fashion world is starting to open a gate to preserve the world through its ‘Slow Fashion’ movement.

Lots of people are still uninformed that fashion is one of the most-polluting industries that bring harm to the world. Slow fashion is a way to lessen the contribution.

It is a philosophy that makes sure people who make the clothes are fairly paid and treated. It also committed to making durable clothing that lasts a long time.

The slow fashion movement has popped up all around the globe. Among all, thanks to the bloggers for their influence! These great ladies are making their way into sustainable clothing and lifestyle and thus their blogs are worth following.

Natalie Kay Smith: Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic was first published in July 2014. Natalie, the founder, is a fashion major that she got so familiar with the fashion industry both ins and outs. Did not like what she had found in the industry, she decided to be in a sustainable, ethical fashion.

If you are just starting to be in a slow fashion movement, Natalie’s blog is perfect for you. It is definitely a go-to for everyone who wants to have a sustainable wardrobe. She has put many ethical brands that you can choose. The blog also consists of articles focusing on the impact that fashion choices bring.

Jen Brownlie: The Sustainable Edit

Jen started her blogging life as a ‘regular’ fashion blogger in 2014. However, a few years later her view on fashion changed. Fast fashion no longer becomes her fashion style. The Sustainable Edit is her way to share her slow fashion experience.

This green fashion blogger focuses her writing on capsule wardrobes. She believes that women can still look fabulous with a small wardrobe. Jen also encourages women to focus on buying quality. That way their clothes can last longer and thus save the world.

Dana Frost: Closet Confessional

Fashion for Dana Frost is a way to express herself. It brings joy as well. However, she emphasizes that fashion is not about buying as many clothes as you can and put it all into the wardrobes.

She further embraces women to be conscious of fashion as a way to go into a slow fashion movement.

Closet Confessional puts its focus on giving tips on looking great in vintage pieces. What is better than scrolling down the tips from a real fashion stylist? That is why the blog is totally worth visiting.

Lee Vosburgh: Style Bee

Style Bee is curated by a lady who focuses on creating a ‘lean’ closet. Lee Vosburgh is so much into neural, minimalism, and clean lines galore. That is why her blog was calculated as her style.

Lee believes that having a lean closet means reducing items and clothing that was bought and wasted. She encourages her readers to purchase clothes from ethical brands as well.

Her blog does not stop there. She also shares helpful tips on how to create your own signature look. Anyway, Lee Vosburgh is a designer. Are you still in doubt to have a click on her blog?

Rita Mehta: The American Edit

Rita Mehta believes that part of sustainability in fashion is knowing how and where your clothing is made.

That way you can put more respect towards the people behind your clothes and the clothes as well. She is into slow fashion as she is certain that it has no negatives in it. “Slow fashion is better for the planet, for the people, and for the economy,” she said.

The American Edit focuses on brands that is manufactured locally. In this case, it is the brands manufactured in the USA. She encourages people to support local product as it is the root to slow fashion.

Those wonderful ladies have started their way to support the Mother Earth through fashion lines. Slow fashion is obviously worth a try. Green fashion blogger has shown and proved countless goodness it can bring!


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