Why Human Need Fashion?

“Fashion is a statement.”

Often people unconsciously choose outfits that reflect their inner self. Shy people or simple-minded person tend to pick simple clothes with calm or dark colours that do not attract others. On the contrary, people who are confident choose clothes with bright colours combine with patterns. Creative people usually wear clothes that are out of the box or uncommon, can be in the form of asymmetrical clothing or striking color and detailed patterns.

Humans always need to express themselves, and fashion is a way. Clothing the second human necessity after food. Even so, many people think styles are useless.

Some reasons include being busy with their lives so there is no time to think about the fit clothes for them. There are also those who are too poor, they need money for food more than clothes.

In reality it is not good if someone constantly thinks about his/her appearance, without thinking about anything else. This person can actually happen to be insecure because he/she has fear people will look down on them if they wears ugly clothes. However, not paying attention to appearance is not good at all. If someone pay attention more and appear good, it will make life easier for that person. This applies to men as well as women.

In romantic love, people see others appearance

A person who has good looks tends to be preferred by others. This will help them in work, business and even love. Why is that, because dressing nicely is one way to respect others.

One thing to consider is humans have a self-protection system. The brain will filter incoming information, automatically analyze the environment. People will feel safe if they are in a clean environment otherwise they will feel uncomfortable in a dirty environment because dirt is a health threat. This feeling of discomfort will encourage people to go away from the threatening place.

This situation works in a situation where you meet someone who is clean and neat vs. someone who is dirty and messy. Some people don’t care about cleanliness and it makes people feel uncomfortable.

How humans present themselves is an indicator to determine whether the other party gives respects or not.

For example, Ratna (not her real name) met a potential boyfriend. His friend introduced her to him. But when they first met, the guy was wearing flip-flops. Ratna felt unappreciated because the man was wearing flip-flops.

For Ratna, the problem is not the flip-flops, but “indirect messages” from the flip-flops: “You are not that important in my life so there is no need to give a good impression.

Maybe from the man’s side, let’s say his name is Budi, he just wants to show himself as he is. Isn’t love accepting somebody else as they really are? Ther real Budi is a man who wearing flip flops, not shoes.

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If Ratna is a prospective boss at work or a potential client, Budi will not wear flip-flops. Money is more important than love.

In the end Budi and Ratna had no future together, because of the flip-flop. Maybe the flip flops are indeed a good filter. Maybe Ratna prefers men who know how to respect other people, while Budi might be better suited to women who are comfortable with Budi’s relax personality.

Fashion to love yourself

You have struggled in this life well, you have the right to wear outfit that make you happy.

Good clothes are like a night for stars in the sky. Night helps humans see the beauty of the star. Likewise, with clothing, the right style will make other people able to see one’s light.

A style for A is not perhaps will not work for B. Personality, body shape and lifestyle affect the kind of clothes that will suit each person.

Famous clothes brands are not necessarily suitable for you either. However, every mature brand must have a personality, and consumers who have the same character will certainly buy clothes from the brand. Therefore, one should focus on the character of the brand, not on whether the brand is famous or not.

Many people unconsciously create a signature style for themselves. Some are always wearing loose tops, some cannot escape torn jeans, some love T-shirts. When you shop and see clothes, your brain goes straight, “Ah, this is the style of X.” That means that X already has a distinctive style that people remember.

If you pay more attention to finding your signature style, you will be able to experience a pleasant journey in discovering yourself. Starting from questions: What kind of person am I? Who I want to be? What is the colour of my skin, what type of shape is my body, what type of clothes are suitable for me? Do I want to be a feminine, or I want to be an adult, or I am a person who cannot be limited to ordinary things?

The more human know themselves, they will become aware of what makes them happy, or what makes their heart sad. After that ones can make a decision, how they wants to love themselves.


Fashion is important for humans because it’s human ways to communicate, to love, to express themselves.

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