Bed Time Story The Insecure Hummingbird

Rico is a bird, he is a hummingbird. He has a dark grey feather, a stroke of magenta colour feather on his neck, small wings and nice voices. He likes to fly from flowers to flowers, the red one, the yellow one and the purple one.
However, unlike another bird Rico hate himself. He feels that his small body is ugly and he doesn’t like his feather colour as play. Every day he poisons his mind with ugly lie such as “I am a worthless, disgusting, and ugly bird. I am hopeless. I’ll never find happiness this way.”

Each day he becomes sadder than before, and then the sadness grows into depression. Until one day he encounters a lake who love to tell stories. That day he was using a reflection on a lake to see how ugly he is. The Lake which is magical, telling Rico many stories about magic, love and everyday happiness.

At first, Rico didn’t understand about the stories told by the Lake. Nevertheless, he gradually thinks about many things differently. The stories more or less inspired the hummingbird to see things from many different points of view. Rico is less judgemental to others than before.

He doesn’t hate himself anymore. He starts to be patient with self when he hasn’t created any progress in his life as he wishes too. Lookback he feels silly about how he sees himself. In the past he will look above his had, to see his favourite, his idol Willy the Eagle fly gracefully in the sky.

Nowadays he chooses to see himself in a more caring way. He changes into more mature hummingbird and other birds feel happy to be around Rico. He learns that each creature has their own beauty, their own story, so do Rico. He grateful towards the Lake because he is a great storyteller. Rico is no longer a hummingbird with an inferiority complex.

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Note : This short writing is part of my 90 days drawing & writing challenge

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