I Think People Long For Wearing Fashion from Their Cultural Heritage

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Every country in the world has a trend in their respective fashion fields. Fashion that is usually synonymous with clothing that has been passed down from generation to generation by ancestors into a single entity that is always guarded by its authenticity and shape.

Fashion cultural heritage has a big role in the development of a country and as a form of identity of a country. On several occasions you can visit fashion shows with a cultural theme or visit the fashion museum to see fashion developments past and present.

Some of you must already know that in the world fashion industry most designers take inspiration from their cultural heritage or draw inspiration from a particular local community.

Fashion designers rely on traditional techniques in the manufacture of clothing such as manufacturing with embroidery techniques, beads, block printing techniques and the use of traditional patterns.

Maintaining Fashion Cultural Heritage

Not infrequently there is abuse in fashion cultural heritage that is used by designers, causing public outrage. Like mix and match new and old fashion that is not in accordance with the use of the fashion.

For example, if you are one of the people who have visited New York Fashion Week then you are no stranger to the name of the KTZ fashion house from London. This fashion house once did a fashion show by displaying the cultural heritage of Native Americans as a form of respect for the Native Americans.

Havaianas as one of Brazil’s sandals manufacturers has also recently created flip-flops that are inspired by Yawalapiti’s fashion culture.

WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization) has made a rule relating to the world fashion cultural heritage which contains a form of traditional culture which includes several forms that must be considered as part of the identity of a community or as a form of community heritage that has existed long ago and is inherited down terumune from generation to generation. In the fashion industry consists of signs, designs, symbols, artistic expressions, handicrafts and so on.

Examples Of Fashion Cultural Heritage In The World

Some of the fashion in clothing arises because of the existing clothing models since ancient times. There are several ethnic groups that still uphold their fashion fashion without being contaminated by modern fashion that exists today.

An example is Batik originating from Indonesia. Batik is a traditional cloth that has been used since ancient times by the ancestors of the Indonesian nation, which is still preserved by the Indonesian people. Batik is a pictorial fabric that is made in a particular technique that has a specific characteristic. By UNESCO, Batik has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage since 2009.

The use of Batik cloth that used to show the status or strata of a person can now be worn by everyone from any circle. Batik cloth is usually used on certain days and in certain events, but also allowed to be used in daily activities.

Some native Indonesian designers used to display batik motifs on several outfits in the fashion show he organized. This was to present the local culture in Indonesia to the world community.

Another example of fashion cultural heritage that is still preserved today is the bead that is commonly used as clothing decoration by Native Americans. For those of you who miss the fashion cultural heritage on this one you can make it yourself by searching for guidance from several existing sites.

This bead was found in 11.000 BC in North America. This bead’s history is inseparable from the existence of nomadic Native American tribes who settled around the Mississippi River.

Head Wraps are still used by the people of South Africa is also a cultural heritage in the field of fashion that was used by the Xhosa Tribe. If you go to South Africa, you will still find many women who use head wraps. For those of you who miss the original head wraps made in South Africa you can visit a village market in Mgwali in the Eastern Cape.

There you will find a local seller who offers original head wraps that you can try to add to your fashion collection and as a gift by South Africans who will give the impression of luxury for the wearer.

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