What I Say to Myself When I Lost Hope

What I Say to Myself When I Lost Hope

What I say to myself when I lost hope? Sometimes or most of the time, I feel like I don’t have a future.  Since believe starts from thought, this recurring thought become my believe.  And I agree.

Lost hope really make me start pitying my self. I pamper my self with comics that will make me feel accomplish even though I do nothing. For example, like this manhwa Chronicles of Heavenly Demon.

So the main character is an apprentice of a Spear Master. Both of them killed due to false accusations. Thanks to the artifact from his Spear Master Sect, the MC reincarnated to be a trainee of Heavenly Demon sect.

Start from the lowest ranking 900, with motivation for revenge he gradually train to be number one.

So you see, I think because I have high empathy I can feel the mc feeling and effort. It feels like I am the one who making effort and accomplish something. Even in reality I don’t do anything hence accomplish nothing.

But another side this manhwa also motivated me to working hard. I imagine working hard and accomplish something will be very fun.

But again when difficulties arise I will perhaps give up again. Just think about how much works I should do dishearten me. I lost hope again.

I surrender in my mind battle between making effort and not making any at all.

Back again, no hope for future doesn’t bring any motivation. Of course!

So what to do? I’m not satisfied with my reality. I have responsibilities. I have a dream. I know I have to stop doing nothing.

I have to make an effort to believe in hope. Believe in the great unknown. The good future feels bizare. At this moment it doesn’t feels like home. I’m not used to have something that beyond what I have right now.

I want change. If I’m not really making effort to get what I want then perhaps I don’t really want it.

So I choose to believe that I have a great future. I want greatness become my new home. I want to be a great person.

With this new thought, I think I can make decisions that will make me proud of myself in the end of the day.

Believing good things will happen in your future is not easy. It’s an every second effort, worthy to fight for. Because in the end you got what you believe.


Note: This is my 1st post in 2020. I’m happy I can write again. I start to know what I’ll write in this blog. I wish I can write better in the future. Thank you for reading. Share with me how you fight your inner battle 😀

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