6 Man Fashion Blogger We Need to Know

There is an opinion that men aren’t interested in fashion and style as women. They may enjoy the idea of fashionable clothes but they don’t really put much effort when they go shopping or hunting for their article of clothing.

They also rarely follow the latest fashion trend for men, unlike the women do. In addition, when it comes to choosing fashion options for men, their options are limited.

Thus, many of the men stuck with basic jeans, shirt, or T-shirt as they express themselves through fashion.

Therefore, this article will talk about an influential  man fashion bloggers to help you gentlemen out there who want to look stylish and fashionable.

1.The Gentleman’s Gazette

The gentleman’s gazette will be a good blog to visit if you guys are classic menswear enthusiast. This blog provides you guys a detailed classic menswear in the whole world.  As the slogan of this blog said “helping you look dapper and dandy” this blog aim is to help you guys become dapper and dandy such a proper gentlemen. Therefore, don’t forget to follow this amazing man fashion blogger and complete your classical look.


This blog is created by Joe Weber. This blog is specially made for you guys who like to find classical clothing and accessories  on sale. Furthermore, through this website you could also get a guidance in what to wear and where to find the best price deals any day of the year. Therefore, this site is so suitable for you guys who want to be fashionable but don’t have much money for it. We all know that being fashionable could be expensive sometimes, so be wise guys!

3.Anthony Urbano

The next influential man fashion blogger is Anthony Urbano. He is a fashion blogger from New York City. His fashion tastes are so great and inspiring. He is so good at making streetwear become such a high end fashion. He can make a fitted-caps to sneakers and he will look like a model from runways. In additional, you guys who have a lot of streetwear you should follow him and copy his style, so you guys could be fashionable like the models from runways too!

4.Four Pins

Then we have Four Pins, it is a lifestyle blog which not specifically for men but for women too.  This blog not only talk about fashion style, but also lifestyle and photography too. Through this blog, a streetwear photography could be changed become the most swagged out sneakers that available in the market. Then, why this blog is good for men? The answer to that question is, this blog is good for you guys because it is a blog for beginners. In other words, it is good for men who don’t know anything about fashion, but they want to learn about it.  Therefore, through this blog, you guys are one step closer to the fashionable side.

5.George Hahn

The next stylish man fashion blogger that you could follow and look up to is that George Hahn. Especially, if you want to dress all out without leave a dent in your bank account. Beside write a blog about fashion style, he also writes about wealth informative article, healthy living and products review. He is also a stylish rider, so if you guys like to ride a bike, you guys should follow him immediately.

6.Masculine Style

The last but not least man fashion blogger that you could look up for is Masculine style. This blog is created by Tanner Guzy. His noticeable style is both timeless and classic. Therefore, this blog is suitable for everyone.  He really knows well about his style, so don’t worry you will never go wrong if you follow his style. Moreover, he also has a coaching website where you can seek for advice as to how to choose your style which is so very helpful. Come on guys go to his page and give him a follow, so you guys could get many fashion knowledge from him!

In sum, there are so many men out there who don’t really know about fashion style. They don’t really follow the latest style or trend. Therefore, they often get dressed down when they go to some place with special occasion. Therefore, in order to avoid that here are some man fashion blogger that they should know in order to improve their fashion style and taste. Some of them are The gentleman’s gazette, Masculine Style, Dappered, George Hahn and many more.

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