Ordinary Live with You

They live in a small house made from bricks. The house has two floors, the ground floor for dining, work and bath. The second floor is a bedroom only. Every day the wife go to the market from a portal which created by her husband. Both of them are a witch and a warlock who live in silent and peace.

However, they know that their moment won’t last long. So they try their best to enjoy their moment. Chatting ordinary things, listening to music, dancing under the sky full of stars. They always express love towards each other.

That night the full moon arises, with cloud and stars, it shines beautifully. The moon never left alone, there is always earth giving accompany for centuries. The wife romantically thought about the moon as she sky gazing with her husband.

As a sailor have to go for several months in a year, they need to leave for several decades from their comfortable home. They will meet again at a time, spending their moment for 1 year full.

That night is their last night to be together. They don’t know will they ever meet again after this. They know they will but the fear is there. Will they ever meet again after decades? Will Fate protects them from death? When will they meet again? They have no answer nor clue. They have a mission and responsibility. Without them, mankind and earth will be in danger.

The husband holds her wife gentle and tightly. He can feel the old wounds stroke on his wife’s palm. He remembers the time his wife protected him from a sword which directed to him by a mere hybrid human. That was a terrifying moment. Wish something like that never happen again in the future.

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Both of them pray they will have this moment again in the future. Everything is scary, but at this moment they are with each other.


Note : This story is part of my 90 days writing & drawing challenge.

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