Practical Tips for Green Fashion

Nowadays, fast fashion is taking over the market. People prefer trendy and up-to-date fashion. But fashion trends are now changing rapidly, that new clothes are out fashioned in just a short time. People also prefer a cheap clothes.

Cheap clothes mean lower quality fabric that doesn’t last long. The combination of cheap and fast-paced fashion trends are what people are seeking, and clothing company answered that challenge by fast fashion, while the high-quality long-lasting green fashion are knocked out from market.

This kind of fashion is damaging the environment. When you buy a new sweater, flannel shirt, or suede shoe, do you notice a small hairy fabric that vanishes after some washing? That is microplastic.

The cheap clothing involves plastic that will be washed into river flow and getting its way into ocean. The microplastic is something that nature has never know in the ocean but ended up in the plankton.

These planktons are eaten by small fish, and small fish are eaten by big fish, where the microplastic is accumulating. Fish with high microplastic content might be what served on your dinner plate. It’s bizarre, how the fashion industry could influence nature.

Fast fashion also affects nature by wasting the redundant energy. Fast fashion is stimulating people to buy more clothes, while the resources for producing clothes are limited.

It’s not only about the fabric, but the energy that runs the knitting machine, spinning machine, and sewing machine, they need fuel to run.

Fast Fashion also creates more waste, by overly producing easily broken clothes.
We should think more about sustainable fashion. For better of earth. Save the earth. Here are seven tips about green fashion to save the environment.

1.Buy old clothes

As mentioned above, new clothes are troublesome as it releases plastic into the ocean. But that doesn’t happen on the old clothing. Second hand modern cloth had been through washing process before, which release the micro-plastic.

Clothes from the earlier times are known to last. Unlike fast fashion, old clothing is designed with high-quality cotton that resists weather with the correct handling. Using secondhand clothes also reduces potential waste.

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2.Buy cotton clothes

When buying new clothing, make sure you buy a hundred percent cotton cloth. Beside it absorbs sweat better it is 100% biodegradable. If it is dumped into soil or ocean, nature will do its role to decompose it.
A hundred percent cotton also means that there are no plastic or synthetic material which could harm the ecosystem.

3.Trans seasonal clothing

Stop buying new clothes set every new season. Use fashion that could be used in two different seasons, like fall-winter fashion. So overall, you need fewer clothes in your wardrobe. Choose to

Buy timeless cloth design, if you think certain apparel is going to expire fast, don’t buy it. You might dump it fast. Choose clothes that can be used on various occasions.

4.Took care

Take care so the clothes could last longer. Take attention to maintenance instruction. Remember not to iron your clothes too hot. Hang an insect repellant like camphor to drive out bug that might ruin your clothes. Even green fashion tips like buying long-lasting clothes wouldn’t work if you don’t take care of it.

5.Quality over quantity

Choose the material that could last long. Although the price is more expensive if it lasts long enough, you don’t need to buy more clothing. After all, it’s cheaper to buy expensive long-lasting clothes once, than buying several cheap fast-breaking clothes.

6.New clothes from the old

If there’s a tear on your jacket, shirt, or trouser don’t dump it yet. You could send it to a tailor and let them repair it for you. It could even end up better, you could modify the style and adds detail that makes your apparel stands out from others

7.Keep trendy with the old

Mix and match the old. Sometimes it’s not about what to wear, but how to wear. Instead of buying a new fashion set, try to experience on a new combination of your old clothing.
If you practice these green fashion tips, you will participate in saving the environment. No more redundant clothes, less micro plastic dumped into the ocean, while being trendy and fashionable

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