The Most Difficult Part in Pursuing Dream


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Do you know what is the most difficult part of pursuing a dream?  It is believing that your dream will come true at the right time.

So there is a girl with dark pink hair, her name is Atta.  She dreams to have a cake shop.  The dream shows up when she saw an awesome cake store in Maroon City, a place popular with its urban art and people development culture.

She always likes that city because it’s culture and people.  That is a city of a lot of human who dream, a place where man and woman face much pain and difficulties for pursuing their dream.  Some of her friends advised her to not have high expectation for life since fate is cruel and most of the time hope bring pain more than happiness.  She shouldn’t expect too much on life.

Why a dream exists to not be pursued.  Atta asking herself that question one day, and that question will stop if she had given the right answer.  But as time goes by, the question still lingers in her heart.  It brings chaos in her mind that made her get insomnia.

So she decides to pursue her dream.  If there is no answer then it means she has to go.  Atta always thinks that a dream is a mission human has to pursue because that is the way the God give commands for His plan.  She gives up on doing nothing and starts do something.

Atta’s very loyal friend on her journey is a black shadow that whispers a lot of bad things that could happen if she pursued her dream.  The voice of that creature is enough to stop Atta walking with enthusiasm.  She feels it really hard to walk on the difficult road to Maroon City.

“We don’t know how long till we arrive at Maroon City. Is it really worthed?  Will you get happiness? That is only your fantasy,” the Black Shadow poisoned Atta’s heart.

“You didn’t know what you’ll get from a cupcake store, too many difficulties you should overcome. Why try so hard?” It whispers again.

Atta is angry at herself because she is so slow and chooses to procrastinate all the time.  she feels exhausted with her journey and her life.  She does agree that her journey is unpredictable and perhaps this is the time to stop.

Atta is in conflict to stop or go pursuing her dream.  Is her passion evaporate as time passes? In her mind, this fear weighs down her spirit and making it difficult to live properly.  Should Atta 100% agree with her friends or should she find a reason to fight more? Does it feel right to stop?  Will Atta keep giving her best in making her dream come true even deep inside her heart, there is no believe that it will.

This conflict is something that Atta faces every day.  Each time she thinks and feels, she knows that this dream is important so she won’t stop.  Believing is not easy but Atta decides to help her heart believe that her dream will come true at the right time.

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