He Again – Ruth’s Best Friends – Part 2

Ruth look back to her ex-boyfriend, with more courage and tell him that he need to go.  She suggested that they should meet again in the future.  Not wasting a second nor reply from him, Ruth draged Rita fast far from a person she scared the most.  She can’t hide her cold trembling hand.  It feels like the more she walked, the more her courage leave her.  Ruth asked Rita to drive for her, far away from here because she felt weak and dizzy.

Rita never saw her friend look like these.  Her dark brown hair become messy as if a wind blowed wildly focusing on Ruth’s hair.  She put her hand on card dashboard in front of her, and her forehead on her hand.  She was trembling.  Rita drove the car and went to nowhere.  She was not sure, where should she bring Ruth.  Then suddenly Rita’s phone rang.  Amy’s name show up on her screen, she picked up with loud speaker so Ruth can hear her voice as well.

“Rita, where are you?” Amy ask.

“In a car, not sure where to go,” Rita tell her.

“Hah? You are weird. Anyway just go home hurry, I cook too much food,” nowadays Amy the best cooked of them three was trying Thailand food recipes and they will be her rabbit experience,” Ah, call Ruth. I somehow can’t reach her.”

“Amy…” Ruth call Amy weakly.

“Ruth? Are you with Rita right now?”

“Yes, she is with me,”

“Something happens, Am” Ruth speak to Amy with sad voices.

“What happens? Ah, let’s talk at home. I will be waiting. Drive safely,” Amy command Rita like a mother to her daughter.

“Yes, Mom,” said Rita.

They arrived at home, the smell of sour mango sauce, shrimp, fish and rice welcome them.  Ruth looked a bit relax and delight.  The food must make her feel happy.  Rita was grateful that Amy’s hobby is cooking.  Delicious food always brings happiness and this moment that feeling is what Ruth need the most.

Amy looked at Ruth with worry face then ran and hugged her tightly.  She is fast at recognizing human emotion, especially her friend.  Ruth felt more relax than before but still trembling. She was tired and the food’s smell made her hungry. She need food, she need to eat now.

“Amy, I’m hungry,” Ruth whisper.

“Yes, of course. Eat first then tell me what happens,”

Ruth nod slightly and walk towards the dining room, not changing her clothes nor wash her feet.  Rita went to her room, take a super fast bath and join them for dinner. Ruth regained more energy with Amy’s food and suddenly become angry.  She hit the table and started to tell Amy the story of her and her ex-boyfriend from the very beginning.  Rita and Amy were disbelieved of what happened and gave sympathy towards Ruth.

“Did he really cut your skirt? Like.. really??” Amy’s eyes become wider than before, too shocked consuming stories of Ruth’s exboyfriend behaviour.  They have been friends for a year, she knew that there is something weird about Ruth relationship.

“How come I know nothing about this?” Rita asked.

“I never talk about this with anyone because I know all of them include you two will bash him,”

“Of course!!” both Amy and Rita shouted angrily.

It started two years ago…






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