Ruth’s Bestfriend – Part 1

This story is about a girl handling her abusive boyfriend with help from her bestfriends.

Ruth is a very sociable person.  She likes to hang out with her friends, her friend’s friends and new people she met in many events.  On time she applied for a sales job and meet a new friend there.  They end up visiting each other until that person moved to another country.  She also met new friends in a meetup trekking event ( an event where people who don’t know each other do a trip together).  A lot of connection, many happy moments. She is the life of the party.  Confidence, cheerful, high interpersonal skill, kind and well groomed are the reasons people like to be with her.

But among her many friends, there are two people who she considers to be her very best friend.  Ruth met them at a concert of Golden Ray band, a pop rock band that she cherished so much.  They are Amy and  Rita.  Amy is an artsy person. One look and you’ll realize that she is into art, pink and red hair colourful dress and customized things such as bag, shoes and accesories.  Her high school friend Rita is a caring person.  She has the motherly aura around her that makes Ruth want to hug for warm comfort.  Both of them are the only people who gives Ruth the freedom to be herself.  Most of the time she tend to adjust with people especially her ex-boyfriend, but with Amy and Rita, she feels free.

Amy was walking to a mini market when she saw Ruth was arguing with a man.  That person was not stranger to Ruth, but Amy didn’t know that person.  That man tried grabing Ruth’s hand and force her to go with him but she politely refuse. He still tried to take her.  Ruth looks annoy and angry but trying her best not to kicked that tall and bulky guy.  Amy recognized that Ruth also scared of him.  His body size is almost twice Ruth’s body size. Even with that body, Rita realize that man won’t hesistant to hurt Ruth.

She understand the situation and it won’t went nicely if she didn’t barge in.

“Ruth!” Rita was calling Ruth from far away,”I was looking for you, where did you go?”

“Amy!? I was going home right away. What happen?” Rita saw her friend’s eyes telling that she was grateful.

“Ruth, Amy need us right now. That thing happen again,” Rita secretly told Ruth to just agree with her.


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