A Soft Heart Eagle and a Sad Little Elephant

Once upon a time, there is an eagle. He was flying in a very wide sky. He packs his wings and spins around looking at the land below. He waited for the food to come closer. He hopes to find lizards or iguanas or rabbits. However, his eyes stared at the figure of a baby elephant who was sobbing at the edge of a mere.

He was hungry but the sad face of the child’s elephant made his heart moved. He flew down, steered himself toward the Little Elephant. The mere was quite wide and close to the forest. The Eagle gasped when suddenly the Little Elephant moved his trunk and accidentally hit the Eagle, made him fell into the mere.

The son of an elephant was startled and approached the eagle. Fortunately, he fell not far from the edge of the pool. The fuzzy bird fluttered its wings in the water. He tried to get out of the water by moving his wings back and twisting the tube to the edge of the pool. He’s a flying expert but bad in swimming. When he saw the trunk of an elephant nearby, he took no care of grabbing the trunk with his claws because his wings were tired.

The Little Elephant picked up the bird whose feathers were all wet. He took the Eagle out of the water and put it on the edge of the dry soil. The Eagle stood staggering and therefore he fell again to the edge of the mere which is a little wet. His face hit the mud.
“Pfffftt …” The elephant’s son made a small voice and said, “I’m Sorry Mr. Eagle, I should not have laughed, but your movement just now is hilarious.”

The Eagle tried to glare at the Little Elephant but his eyes were covered with mud. He wiggled his body to the left and right quickly, then fluttered his wings up and down hoping the mud off from his feathers. After some of the mud no longer linger on his feathers, he stared ferociously at the Little Elephant who was trying to hold back his laughter.

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“If you want to laugh, just laugh” said the Eagle. Without waiting for long, the Little Elephant laughed off tears. The Eagle did not understand why the Little Elephant laughed at him. Does he look so ridiculous?

“Ahh sorry Mr. Eagle, your appearance is amusing. If you want to, let me take you to the edge of the mere a little deeper so you can take a bath. ”
The Eagle agreed with the Little Elephant’s offer. He also dived into the pool while gripping on the Little Elephant’s trunk. He made sure there was no mud on his feathers. After feeling clean enough, he asked the Little Elephant to take him to the edge of the mere to dry himself.

While waiting for the Eagle to dry, the Little Elephant said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Eagle, today I made a lot of mistakes with my trunk, maybe I haven’t been able to control it properly, or I’m just a careless elephant.”
The Eagle, while drying his feathers said, “No problem, young creatures always make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. That’s a young creatures things. You’ve done the important thing by being responsible for the mistakes you made. You’ve done a good thing. ”

The Elephant Son smiled shyly at the Eagle’s words, “Thank you, Mr. Eagle. Your words make me feel better. But by the way, why are you flying so low? ”

“I seem to see a mouse to catch around here,” he lied to cover his real intention.

“Mouse?!! Ahh, I saw a lot in the paddock over there. Do they walk here to look for water? Hopefully not, I do not like mouses, “said the Little Elephant, pointing in the opposite direction from where the Eagle came.

The Eagle eyes gleam happily because he likes rats, especially the fat one. He went away to continue his hunt. The Little Elephant waved happily as he said goodbye and wished the Eagles to finish off all the mouses he found.

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