Bed Time Story Popo The Brave Squirell

Under a very massive but burned-out tree, there was a squirrel sitting perched. For two days he hasn’t got any food, the land where he used to walk is hot, the air he breathes makes him breathless. He tried to walk around to find food but the hot thing burned his house and separated him from his family as well as his friends. He really faced a bad luck.

Popo the squirrel was starving, he decided to walk again, his tail is weak, his leg is tired and his heart is hopeless. He looked at the surroundings once again, everything was shrunken, smell burnt and heated. Popo knew this was the time he should leave home. He doubts his friends and family were still alive.

Popo remembers the story of his close friend Coni about a place near their home. The place is inhabited by giants. The big creatures live together, they do not take food from trees. But it seems they have a lot of food supplies. Coni invited Popo to visit the place. But the hot thing that moves wildly already separates Popo from his best friend.

After walking for some time, the squirrel came to a place. Many of the giants who were walking around, brought something flat on their hands. Popo ran behind the boxes piling up nearby. He climbed the boxes and peered through them. He saw that a giant was picking something up from the flat object and then put it in his mouth. Maybe that was food, thought Popo. He also saw many giants standing in line while waiting for other giants to give food.

As he watched what was ahead of him, Popo smelled his favorite. The fragrance came from a nearby giant that distributed food. Without thinking, the squirrel came down from the box and ran behind the boxes near the giant. He smelled his favourite peanut flavour. But he noticed that the scent was stronger in the box in front of him, rather than from the top of his head.

Popo got into the box and with happy feeling bite what he thought was food. The squirrel realizes that this giant food has a skin as well as the walnut he usually eats, though the skin is very thin. Popo happily chews the food, he feels the taste of the nuts he often eats but this taste rather different, crunchy on the side and soft in the middle. The size is quite wide, almost twice the big head.

The starving squirrel was soaked with food that he did not hear a giant voice approaching. When the giant opened the box, she screamed and that made Popo shocked. At high speed, Popo ran away from the box as far as possible to find a hiding place. The giant who was a woman was surprised to see there was a squirrel coming out of a box containing pies to be given to refugees. She looked inside the box and was grateful that the squirrel ate only one pie box. The other pie is still neatly wrapped.

Popo’s heart beat quickly, he was shocked. He did not hear of any giant chasing after him. The squirrel was breathing with relief. He saw his hand still holding a little food, he also ate it with gusto. Popo decided to find a hiding place, he was still hungry. The half-sated squirrel was considering returning, in the hope that the food was still there and not hidden by the giant.

Popo finds a very large box, not as tall as a tree but high enough, wide and large. It seems to be able to accommodate a lot of boxes like the box where he hid earlier. But the strange thing about this box is that it was propped up by many round objects. Popo circled the box to see a place to hide. The box was open a bit, but enough to sneak in. Inside the box was dark, Popo could not see anything. He walked to the darkest place and hid there for a while.

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About half an hour after Popo had fallen asleep, the box was moving. The woman earlier sitting in the front of the box, sit beside his son, who was driving a truck, carrying donations for the residents who were forced to flee because of the forest fires. The sleeping squirrel was unaware that he fell asleep in the truck and was taken to another town.

The truck stopped, the woman got out of the car and opened the back door of the truck. Popo woke to hear the sound, he saw the light coming in and realized there was a giant who was walking toward him. He was silent to see the situation, waiting for time to get away. The giant pulled out the boxes one by one. But before he reached Popo’s hideout, the squirrel had run away past the giant hoping not to be caught. The woman screamed once more.

After Popo succesfully out from the truck, he run toward the tree nearby. Popo was glad to see a tree, he hid there looking at the woman stroking his chest and looking for Popo. She saw the squirrel standing scared on the tree. Popo hid while peering at the long-haired giant. The woman went to the front door of the truck, picked up the remaining pie box and approached Popo. She offers a pie to Popo. The starving squirrel, smel delicious food from the direction of the giant. But out of fear, Popo was silent in his hideout. The woman put the pie on the ground and left Popo herself.

When he saw the giant go away, Popo ran downstairs and ate the pie happily. He ate while looking at the long-haired giant and the other giant take out the boxes from inside the big box. Popo thinks that the giant is not evil.

The pie he ate was gone into his stomach but he was still hungry. With courage or recklessness, Popo approached the gentle giant. He stood by her feet. The other giant realized Popo’s presence and tells her about it. The woman looks at Popo and smiled. She still have the pie, took the remaining pie and gave it to Popo. Popo is happy to eat it.

when the two giants leave, Popo followed them especially the giants who feed him. The squirrel jumped in when the woman opened the front door of the truck.

“Looks like he wants to come with us,” the boy said.
“Apparently,” said the mother as she stroked the squirrel’s soft head. Popo was glad she touched her head gently. It made him drowsy and sleepy.

Since that moment Popo became the family’s pet. He gets plenty of food, his feathers was clean, the giants who turn out more than two love him so much. He was separated from his family and friends but he found a new family here despite their immense size.

One afternoon, Popo was relaxing on the belly of the giant lady. They enjoy the afternoon sun in the back yard. “You know, when we found you, you smelled like a smoke and burnt here and there. I was surprised to see you got out of the box and when you got out of the truck. I was so glad when you got close and take food from me. This world has a lot of problems but in that difficulty you do not give up and experience many interesting things, walk away from home, hide in strange places, find new food and befriend with different species. You may not know your presence at our house makes our family relation warmer. We love to talk about the things you do, maybe it’s our destiny to meet. ”

Popo did not understand what she was saying. But the hand that stroked his head was warm. Maybe that’s something good. He fell asleep happily.


Note : This fable story is part of my 90 days drawing & writing challenge

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