Bed Time Story The Star and The Iguana

The star is sad. she can look everything below her. She see a person with many talents but sad and drown in depression, school of fish swim happily every day, flowers bloom then die then bloom again. Many creatures face difficulties and struggling alot. That iguana for example, face all smile in front of his friends but truthfully, he is suffering anxiety and low confidence due to unemphatic and negative thought.

The iguana is all alone. The stars know that he is not the only one who has this problem. Nevertheless, as a star with soft heart, she wish to bring happiness to the iguana. However the star live so far from him, how could she help him feel better. All she could think of is shine as bright as possible. The star wants the iguana see her shine, and get her message that even in the darkest time, there is beauty as in the darkest night you can see the star shine brightly.


Note : This short writing is part of my 90 days drawing & writing challenge.

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