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 What is Refashion?

One way to promote beauty trend is through refashioning, so, what is refashion actually? Refashion is quite similar with the term of recycling. It means using old stuff to be reused again with a similar/new way of function.

Refashion is aiming for reducing things to end up in landfill. Many people and organizations are encouraging to perform refashion. You can recycling food, clothes, things and others.

In the fashion industry, refashion can refer to activity to upgrade your old clothing become a bit more trendy by giving a small touch of creativity. If you have many old clothes, you can upgrade it to meet your needs of trendy fashion.

These are ideas about how to refashion that will you help you look fancy and loving earth at the same time.

A. Refashioning Old Cloth

People want to look beautiful or handsome in front of others. All kind of beauty product they use to enlighten their appearance. These beauty products vary from clothes, make up, skin care, various accessories like necklaces and bracelets.

As you already know the definition of what is refashion, let’s move to action now. Talking about fashion during summer time, we need a comfy cloth because the weather and temperature is extremely hot.

Although it is mostly hot in the summer, party or any formal occasion can not be skipped.

General dress for party is not helping you feel comfortable in the event. Women need to wear a casual summer dress for formal events.

Do you know that you can wear a dress from t-shirt. Refashioning your old t-shirt probably can help to save some money too.

B.Starting to cut your old T-shirt to be the upper portion

This is a tutorial on how to refashion your old t-shirt transforming it to become gorgeous summer dress. You need some supplies that you can buy at the nearest convenience store.

The supplies are man’s pack of T-shirt, fabric scissors, ruler and sewing machines. The last supply is
essential. We are going to make little dress. You can decide your color. This dress need two T-shirts at once. It is better to get a bigger size than your regular one.

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Let’s start with the very beginning. The first t-shirt, you need to cut the neckline and sleeves off. It is just optional for you.

If you like it better with sleeves on you just go to the next step directly. You need to cut the bottom T-shirt at the waist.

You can also sew to create silhouette for you t-shirt by adding a pin first prior sewing it . Furthermore, You may let the edge be raw if it is your favourite. If you love neat look, you can finish this edge by folding 2’’ of strips in half and then sew it.

After that, you need to make a hole in the center or your t-shirt. This hole is useful for you to tie the skirt in place.

C. Cutting the bottom portion of your dress

Next, we need to take the second t-shirt, cut the bottom of it for making your the skirt portion of the dress.

Please cut below the armpits. You should make small slice around 2’’ from the middle of it by cutting with scissors. Tie a knot for sewing by using 2 ends of the skirt.

You do it through the hole in front of your top. The final step is connecting your upper portion and your below portion into a dress.

You can use mannequin to help easier. The final looks should be off in the back while the front appearance has a small knit in the center. You can add other accessories like a sparkling necklace to support this look.
Do you find this a do – it – yourself refashion easy to follow ? This project is very simple and helpful  for saving because you do not have to buy cloth regularly to look trendy.

The most significant thing about this tutorial is that you can adjust your complexity of your dress. This is no sewing project.

You can make up with any other additional creativeness for refashioning your cloth with best result. After reading this tutorial you will be able to tell others what is refashion and build your own brilliant refashion ideas with your old cloth.

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