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The Differences Between Eastern and Western Fashion

Fashion is a primary need that is very important in this life. Various kinds of clothing styles are created over time.

From the geographical location, the culture of Western and Eastern is certainly very different, seen from the culture and also its history.

Western clothes began to look modern since the era of world war, with a simple easy to wear outfit, in contrast to Eastern in the era of world war still using traditional clothing.

The Western is people originating from Europe countries, hence USA, Canada, Australia people are included here. They have a big influence in this world due to their expansion acts in the past.

The Eastern is people other than the Western. They are so varied but somehow have some similarities.

What’s the difference?

Cultures are the biggest influence on women decision in fashion.  Cultures mean the way of people thinking, language, people values in general and how they do something. 

In this modern era, people from many countries adopt each other cultures but the root for each person’s culture never disappear altogether.

Hence there always some tendency on how people think. This happens as well in people choice of fashion.

The outfit length, tightness, colour, fabrics, pattern…

There are many combinations for fashion but there some tendency for Western people and Eastern people.

Maturity Look in Fashion

It’s well known that Western people prefer adult look, the otherwise for Eastern people.  Adult-look doesn’t mean look old. Just because you want to look mature doesn’t mean you want to be seen old.

Eastern people always prefer young-looking outfits. Socks, soft colour, cute patterns etc.

Clothes Tightness

Eastern people culture cherish politeness. Showing your body line is considered improper or impolite. Therefore they prefer loose outfit.

Depend on each person, the majority of women feel uncomfortable wearing tight clothes. Even if deep down in their heart they want to wear it.

Societies also will blame women if something bad happens to them when they wear tight clothes. This happens to Western people too. However, the Eastern social values make society harsher to people who wear tight clothes.

So, the loose outfits will be more popular in Eastern than in Western.

How much skin is exposed

The same reason as before, showing too much skin is considered impolite. Long pants, long to half sleeve tops, close to neck tops, medium to long dress definitely way to go for Eastern people.

Western people is more comfortable showing skin. Low neck tops, short skirts, hot pants, tank top, spaghetti dress, backless dress are common and well like for Western women.


Social values and culture influenced a lot on how people choose fashion. Western is about freedom and Eastern is about politeness. In this era both of them influenced each other. Thus nowadays it is about each person personal value on how to express themselves in fashion.

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