The Differences of Women Fashion Between East Asia and Western 

Fashion is a primary need that is very important in this life. Various kinds of clothing styles are created over time. From the geographical location, the culture of Western and East Asia is certainly very different, seen from the culture and also its history it can be seen that the style of dress of these two regions has a meaning and also creates a luxury of self.

Western clothes began to look modern since the era of world war, with a nice mix of colors and elegant, in contrast to East Asia in the era of world war still using traditional clothing such as kimono and hanfu.

Westerns still use their traditional clothing, which is a fancy dress that is usually used for parties and family events. Here also the difference between fashion between East Asia and Western is certainly very different, before knowing the difference even further, here are some things about East Asia and Western fashion.

East Asia, the paradise of beautiful women

Women in East Asia come from the Mongoloid race, the East Asian region is also divided into several countries, and large countries in East Asia include China, South Korea, and Japan. Unlike women in West Asia, women in East Asia have very beautiful faces, white and clean.

Western carries the idea of clothing models here, but East Asians modify them according to existing traditions and adjust the norms that apply there. Fashion in East Asia is more simple, neat, and polite.

The reason why they use simple clothes is that their style is already supported by their white, beautiful and beautiful body. but there is also a strict fashion and sexy body because they want hot fashion.

Therefore they prefer a simple style to save more time. Their color selection is not too flashy, they use calm colors. So that’s the difference between East Asia and Western fashion.
Western, the place for modern fashion design

The beginning of various forms of clothing that starts from here. There used to be a lot of women who are proficient in designing clothes and creating extraordinary fashion. The dress became a very beautiful and modern fashion in the era of world war, using the dress looks luxurious and dignified, but along with the advancement of technology then fashion trends began to change.

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Fashion in the current era prefers body shape so that it is made as tight as possible and also skirts or pants are made torn or shortened to above the knee. This was made because they are concerned with personal beauty and they also convey this style of clothing throughout the world and even East Asia followed this fashion.

Western is famous for its blue jeans, making clothes look beautiful and feel alive. The color of the clothes that the westerns wear shows enthusiasm and also admiration for the woman’s body. Even the style of dress is simple but Casual style for them is a fashion that adds a modern impression and also shows the identity of women. Differences from Asia and Western fashion began to appear.

The Differences East Asia and Western

Overall the fashion used is almost the same and the difference here is the way they use it and modify it. The norms that apply in these two regions are certainly different, which is why East Asia looks more polite because they are as free as anything in East Asia that they also keep their ancestral traditions.

In westerns, they use a modern style of dress but look elegant and beautiful. Both of these regions have a very high level of prestige and also these two regions are now starting to aggressively introduce their respective fashion to the world.

In terms of quality, Western fashion has good and trusted quality Because Western started introducing their fashion style to women all over the world. But Fashion from East Asia cannot be underestimated.

Their style is more preferred because it is more efficient and also saves time. East Asia does not need to dress too much and too complicated. This is because East Asian women are extraordinarily beautiful and willing to wear whatever clothes they look are still beautiful and elegant.

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