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Nowadays, retro and vintage clothing are taking a comeback. These styles, which take the past forms of fashion, became popular once again.

People are longing for this old aesthetic. The nostalgic apparel stands out when everybody starting to forget them. If you want to imitate or derivative. Authentic or inspired.

YouTube is a great medium to learn about fashion history. There are a lot of fashion history Youtubers that talk about the past way of dress and its trinkets, either in professional or casual way.

The Ultimate Fashion History Channel

One fashion history Youtuber that dedicates for fashion history is The Ultimate Fashion History with Professor Amanda Hallay.

She is a faculty member at LIM College, a notorious fashion college. More than that, she also teaching and developing lectures, courses, workshops in the United States and overseas as visiting professor.

She masters a broad field from Cultural History, Fashion History, Street Style, and Pop Culture. Entertainment and gaming industries even seek her for consulting about fashion history or historical costume.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have time to take the class, she also gives free lectures on her YouTube channel called The Ultimate Fashion History.

The Ultimate Fashion History is an awesome channel that explains a fashion in a unique way. The topic extends from prehistoric fashion to nowadays with amazing amount of knowledge. The way she talks are also conforms the topic she is talking about.

Her explanation and her graphics could take you immersed in different time-space. Her thorough discussion also covers about detail like ideal body and popular makeup in a certain era.

Watching her channel is not only bringing an understanding of how the fashion got that way, but also the background history. To understand fashion, you need to know the social circumstance that causes fashion.

As she said,” fashion is not an island, it’s a response!” She doesn’t only take care of the featured fashion at certain era, but also how regular people, and even minority people. She also provides feminist approach which makes her channel very cool.

She as a fashion history Youtuber is really delightful in delivering the topics.

The 1940s, the fashion of war

One topic in her youtube channel was the 1940s fashion. In this video, she explained how the war changed everything, including fashion. Still have a bit of influence from the 1930’ era, fashion in 1940 heavenly affected by war.

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It’s a divider when modern fashion shifted into contemporary. After the Pearl Harbor attack by Japanese, the US President, Roosevelt, direct the US into war.

The government exerts anything for winning the war, including fashion. A new fashion regulation was applied so that more resources could be directed into war. This somehow creates a new minimalist style.

Minimalist Style

Image of ideal woman body at that time was strong, stout, with board shoulder. It helps as propaganda to keep the morale and spirit of the people coping with war. While the clothing fabrics are scarce, the hem line was raised into knee.

By the event of war, women displaced men in the factory. Women need to take charge the factory while men are going to the frontline.

This promotes a new phenomenon of women fashion. The women were wearing snood, scarf, or hair net, to protect the hair stuck into machinery. This head accessories are effective to keep the factory incident down. Later, these accessories are become glamour and popular, although formerly it was born from factory workers.

Fashion was also being a propaganda vehicle for the government. To keep the morale of the people in confidence, patriotic color palette is introduced.

It consisted red blue and white colors in the bold and fun tone. Patriotic fashion reminds people to keep the priority of a nation over personal interest, so people could be steadfast in this scarce and hard time.

This era is making a new standard where fashion could be casual but stylish. Later on, we could still find many 40’s inspired styles introduced by celebrity, actress, and fashion designer.
You might get the concept and idea by watching The Ultimate Fashion History.

But if you’re looking more like a tutorial and detailed of historical fashion, you could widen your horizon by watching other fashion history Youtuber, like Angela Clayton and Evelyn Wood. It’s also more relatable and applicable for modern people like us.

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